A letter to death

Sunday marked nine years since mom passed. As the day approached, my feelings and jotted down thoughts turned into this, a letter to Death. I realize this is a personal story and may seem a bit morbid, but maybe by sharing it someone who’s lost a loved one – recently or long ago – will … More A letter to death

Staying ‘nooga strong

For close to two weeks now, my mind and our city have been fixed on tragedies unforeseen, lives lost due to the heinous acts of one person. Somberness has set over our sleepy town as fallen soldiers are laid to rest; prayers have been prayed, vigils held, signs made. Billboards share encouraging messages, radio stations … More Staying ‘nooga strong

‘Do better!’ exhilirating challenge or exhausting reminder?

It’s a picturesque cozy day last week– the sky is overcast gray, thunder rumbling in the distance. The TV’s on but the volume’s low (I hate when it’s up too high), tuned to some baseball movie Jake likes, and my mom’s favorite quilt keeps me just the right amount of warm. I literally hear rain … More ‘Do better!’ exhilirating challenge or exhausting reminder?