Navigating transition … and trim

trim probsAhhhh, May. I love May, always have. It’s a time of transition and change, and I actually don’t mind change.

Think about it. May is the time when cold winter temps are driven out by warm, breezy days, sweaters and cumbersome “I have no neck” scarves replaced by shorts and sandals. When you were younger, May meant starting summer break. In college it meant classes ended, some friends left for awhile, others came back, jobs changed and things were just a little more fun.  Ah, May!

This go ‘round, it’s got me welcoming a move into our first home and the start of grad school, as well as some changes at work with the departure of my work bff for a new job – okay, so didn’t LOVE this one for me, but excited for her!

So, yea, remember that one time I said I don’t mind change? It’s true, I really don’t. But at the same time I know all this exciting newness ushers in more opportunities for stress, sleep depravity and conflict in marriage as Jake and I try to navigate our increasingly busy schedules.

I can see it happening already, thanks to the tedious process of painting trim in our new home. No quality time to be had. No TV watchin’ or conversation over dinner. Nope, just tending to the trim. Night after night. Day after day. Painting the trim. Painting around the trim. Letting the trim dry. YELLING AT THE TRIM.

Okay, so maybe it’s not all the trim’s fault. Instead, I think it’s just the one thing that reminds me of the now smelly laundry I let sit in the washer too long, the dishes that keep piling up (geez do we really eat this much?! WHERE ARE THE PAPER PLATES?), the chapter of the book I need to read for small group but haven’t even thought about, the list of other to-dos that will remain untouched for now.

I think we all have our own “trim” issues, really … little reminders that in all our striving, there will always be more to get done and a temptation to remain discontent until it does. And that’s no way to live. To be sure, we should give our best to the things we’re committed to. But I’m reminded of the importance and necessity to prioritize, because even though the painting issues will die down soon, they will only be replaced by another thing. Perhaps, when we consider all there is to do, it’s best to keep perspective and realize some things get done and some things don’t, and that’s okay. It really is.

For me, and for those who are believers in Christ, trim issues are reminders that this is not our home and to expect comfort is not only unrealistic but dangerous in our Christian walk. We are to keep our eyes fixed on eternity. Sure, not top-of-mind during trim’ paintin’ unless you just happen to be a superstar Christian – which I am not – but definitely something to think about in those moments when life’s little tasks overwhelm you.

So, let’s get cozy with the trim in our lives … because it’s not going anywhere.


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