Football 101: 5 must-have items for devoted fans 

Because Friday’s game was an hour away and a lovely mist descended on all of us for the first and third quarters, I give you 5 must-haves for football season.

1. Rain gear – Don’t even think about not bringing your umbrella and rain jacket, and maybe a towel or two. It doesn’t matter if the sun is out when you leave for work in the morning and the forecast says there’s zero chance of showers. NEVER FORGET YOUR RAIN GEAR, PEOPLE. Don’t do it. You’ve been warned.

2. Blanket – Must. Have. Blanket. Sure, early October is pleasant and breezy, life-giving temperatures awaken our spirits and we devour all things pumpkin spice. But don’t get it twisted; cold temps sneak up and make things frosty before you know it, so you’ll be wishing you brought more layers and a pair of gloves. At least keep a blanket in the trunk for when those first few weeks when the chilly temps surprise you!

3. Sturdy chair – Mine, pictured above, was gifted to me by my in-laws. Shout out Ledbetters! It’s amazing. I can like REST my back, for reals. Now, I’ll admit I haven’t had it long so I could get by without it… but I don’t wanna.

4. Cash – This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s easy to forget a few dollars for parking and the gate. Keep cash on you at all times. Not astronomical amounts – we know that’s not smart, right? – but a $10 maybe?

5. A good attitude – Awww isn’t that sweet. But seriously, as a devoted fan and supporter, you may drive longer distances than you’d hope, sit in rain or snow (seriously, ask me about last Halloween when it sleeted the entire game), and you may have a sore bum from time to time, but the coaches, players, dancers, cheerleaders and band are all there giving their all and working through it. It’s tough, but trying to keep a good attitude and sense of humor is helpful.


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