Put a little ‘pep’ in your step

Pep – rally – A meeting aimed at inspiring enthusiasm, especially one held before a sporting event.

Sandy-and-the-galsThe word pep takes me back to the 1950s for some reason. I see Sandy cheering in her Rydell High uniform as Danny Zuko and the boys goof off in the parking lot.

I digress.

Before last Friday, my only real memories of pep rallies were getting out of class early (YES!) and humming the melody of every alma mater song ever, to which I never know the words.

Last week, though, I had the chance to visit a pumped up, loud and pretty exciting pep rally, complete with themes, music and competition. I’m serious when I say my ears were ringing at the end.

Put a little pep in your stepEach class had their shot at dressing up, bringing props and screaming loudest to win the coveted prize – getting to go to lunch early. I made a mental note of this logic, too. I wonder if we can work this out at my job somehow. Maybe? No? Okay.

The best part? Seeing grown men dress as our opponents to get some laughter out of the kids. One guy wore a mullet-esque wig and football uniform. It was hysterical. Even better, I think they had a great time and hopefully the students appreciate all the effort that goes into giving them fun memories, like getting out of class early and making noise alongside classmates.

I won’t get to be at the away game this week, sadly, but hopefully the pep rally tomorrow will build even more confidence in the players … so they can crush it!


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