Football 101: Scrimmage 

Noun – a practice session or informal game

Verb – to engage in a simulated game 

Used in a sentence – The Generals faced off in a scrimmage against the Colts.

For some, a scrimmage is a glorified practice. But from what I can tell, it’s all about getting a chance to see how your team measures up against the competition.

It’s the first chance for players to put on the uniform and try to out-throw, out-run and out-play people who aren’t on their team; for coaches, it’s a chance to out-smart and better analyze the opponent all while trying to discern what kind of instruction the kids need. It’s an opportunity to assess the weaknesses and strengths of the team. Scrimmages are a chance to see how players react in a real-time situation, beyond the practice field. Who can respond quickly? Who makes the right call at the right time? Who puts into play the stuff they’ve learned all summer?

It may be a simulated game, but the stakes – and I imagine the nerves – are still pretty high.

During my first scrimmage as a spectator this year the game was on for me, too. I tried to match up jersey numbers, figure out who’s playing what (maybe?) and pick out where Jake stands on the sidelines. Hint: he’s not on the sidelines, he’s in the box. Oh, and concession food … my first chance to devour popcorn and guzzle an ice-cold Coca-Cola simply because, football.

One thing I really enjoyed, though, was getting a first glimpse at how the team plays together. Football seriously is a team sport, each position intertwined in such a way that each piece needs to work together to secure a victory. If the snap is rocky, good luck quarterback. Or if the offensive line can’t buy some time, no chance (well some chance) the receiver is getting a quality pass.

I also loved seeing families come out to support their kids – cheerleaders, dancers, football players – for a game that doesn’t count against the record for the year. It just adds something to the atmosphere when the crowd is truly invested in the well-being of those in attendance, regardless of success or failure.

We have one more scrimmage this year then … it’s game time! Hopefully our guys can make some adjustments and improvements based on what they learn before our big game against cross-town rivals.


2 thoughts on “Football 101: Scrimmage 

  1. This was a fun read. You are so talented with your words. I look forward to reading your progress in knowledge of the great game of football this year. GO GENERALS!!! :-

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